PUA Charity Event

Posted on May 15 2010 by Anna

The Paris Urban Adventurers Annual Charity Event is organized each year to raise money to help a cause chosen by the group members. Inspired by our trip to Africa earlier this year, where the groups organisers Axel and Michelle spent a few days in a Masaai village in Kenya, we  will be donating to a project in Africa that gives much needed solar lights to poor families.

This is a wonderful charity for several reasons: 1) it helps reduce CO2 emissions, 2) it is safer and cheaper for these families than other forms of lighting, 3) it helps youth be able to study at night, 4) it helps to protect the environment and supports sustainable development.

You can learn more about the project we are going to donate to at the following links:

We will have two charity events this year…the scavenger hunt in early June…and the benefit concert in early November. We particularly need volunteers to help plan and organize the benefit concert. If  you are in Paris and interested in helping out, visit our Meetup page to see how you can get involved! Or contact me if you would like to help with marketing the event in social media.

*Photo by Michelle & Axel Estable

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