Posted on May 15 2010 by Anna

Today the world is facing tough social challenges. Impact entrepreneurs lead us forcefully and decisively into a new era of business with an emphasis not only on profits, but also on the human needs of our society. They are visionaries who set out to change the world, but they do not do so in isolation. They create enterprises – organisations that magnify their individual magic and leave a mark beyond their lifespan.

Since September 2009 I have been involved in Jumpstart-up, an amazing venture which has been set up to support early stage high impact entrepreneurship by providing a small seed fund and support network for ventures with the highest impact potential. We search the world for high impact entrepreneurs, people who pioneer ventures that address some of the toughest social problems, often to do with basic human needs, and help them develop these ventures into enterprises which will have tangible impact on the world. To find out more about our impact programme, who we are and where we work, or to see if and how you could get involved, please visit Jumpstart-up website or contact me with your questions.

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